Very often parents call us (some in a panic) concerned that their child’s permanent teeth are growing in but their baby teeth are not falling out.  This occurrence is actually very common and I typically explain the following to parents:

  • Baby teeth get loose and come out because the permanent teeth that usually grow in directly underneath them shrink the root of the baby tooth, thus making the baby tooth “rootless” so that it becomes loose enough to fall out.
  • If the permanent tooth does not grow in directly underneath the baby tooth, the baby tooth will not get “pushed out”.  This occurrence most commonly occurs on the lower front teeth (incisors) between the ages of 5-7 but can also occur in other teeth in the mouth as well.  We often see permanent lower incisors growing in behind the lower baby incisors.

For most kids, having a second row of teeth will be temporary as the baby tooth will gradually fall out on their own.  As soon as the permanent tooth erupts, parents should encourage their child to wiggle their baby tooth back and forth and also in a twisting motion.  Some kids are willing and excited about doing this and others will refuse completely.

If the baby tooth is not showing signs of loosening, I recommend that it be removed by a dentist so that the permanent tooth can grow into its proper position.  I will typically make this recommendation when the permanent incisor is at least half way erupted and the baby tooth is not getting more loose over time.

Thus, consider visiting your dentist if it appears that the baby tooth is not on its way out.  If you do have to make that visit to the dentist, please know that in these circumstances, removal of a baby tooth is generally a painless and quick procedure that most kids tolerate just fine!  Most of our patients go home with a smile excited about getting a visit from the tooth fairy!



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11 responses to “HELP! MY KID HAS TWO ROWS OF TEETH!

  1. Camesha

    I went into panic mode when I saw teeth coming in behind my daughter’s baby teeth which she hasn’t loose as yet but after reading your column I can sigh a bit of relieve now. Twas helpful

  2. wow,my brothr has those types of problms but only the vampire tooth only the vamp tooth is like outside of the line.He needs braces

  3. Tendai Lillian

    will the permanent teeth move to the correct position when the tooth ones fall??? Please help am just curious!

    • In most cases the permanent tooth will move forward once the baby tooth is out. However if the area is crowded and there is not enough room for the permanent tooth to come in all the way forward, it will require braces in the future to be aligned correctly.

  4. Gideon Awuku

    hello I just realized am developing a shark teeth (double row) teeth in my lower jaw. please is it normal for a 24yr old person to develop that. am getting very worries please help me.

    • It is a bit unusual bit possible that you may have an extra tooth that just never erupted till now. We call extra teeth supernumerary teeth. It would be best to see your dentist and have it looked at.

  5. Mazhar

    The permanent teeth are growing while baby teeth are still there. It is happening all of my three girls. What is the reason for this? Myself and my wife teeth came out normal.

    • It happens very often and is a common issue we see. If the permanent teeth are half way in and the baby teeth are still not loose enough to come out, then please see a pediatric dentist to have it evaluated for removal of the baby teeth so that the permanent teeth can come in straight. This happens most commonly on the lower front teeth because the permanent incisors are so small they often do not “hit” the baby incisors. As a result the baby teeth do not get pushed out and remain over retained.


    I am worried Dr., my son will clock 6 by Nov 8, 2016 and has a tooth growing behind(just like the picture above) but his is just one, is it advisable to have it removed?

    • Wait till the permanent tooth is at least half way in. If the baby tooth is still not out, then have it removed. Taking the baby tooth out too early can lead to adjacent teeth shifting into the space and causing more alignment problems down the road. This is a very common issue and has an easy resolution in most cases. Encourage your child to wiggle the baby tooth as much as possible.

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